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What we do

New generation integrated security solutions & services 

We are an agile, new generation company that focuses on delivering integrated security solutions and services for homes, offices, and buildings, using intelligent cutting-edge technologies.

Our goal is to ensure a secured and efficient personal and business environment based on leading technical solutions, an extensive consultancy experience, and a personalized, customer-centric approach.


Consultancy, solution design, implementation support & maintenance for Smart Solutions, Smart Buildings, Home Automation, Security Solutions.

Smart Solutions

We guide you through selecting the optimum approach to fit your business, then we design and integrate your custom solution with existing systems based on our extensive experience in solution implementation.

Our dedicated team covers the timely delivery, ongoing support, and scheduled maintenance you need.

Smart Buildings

We make your buildings smarter and more efficient by using processes to automatically control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, and other systems.

Increased energy efficiency. Intelligent & maximized security. Centralized building management. Increased staff productivity and comfort.

Home Automation

Take advantage of the power of intelligent devices that automatically handle and optimize your home, from ensuring your daily well-being, safety and comfort to reducing energy consumption.

Automating Security, Lighting, Heating & cooling, Multimedia.

Integrated Solutions

Fire detection: high-performance detectors and central systems.

Integrated video surveillance: design, installation, service, monitoring & integration.

Access control systems based on clear rights and areas

Physical security information management: manage all security applications from one single interface.


Our customers include property management companies, business parks, residential parks, commercial parks, retail stores, health institutions, and private homeowners.


The integrated solutions that we design, develop and implement are based only on well-known, trustworthy equipment providers that guarantee device performance, reliability, and guarantee.


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CEO, Company

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Technical Director, Company

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Email: office@kssolutions.ro

Phone: +40 749 424 361

Address: Bucharest, Romania